Coping – Part 3 of 7

Part 2 can be found here. Part 1 can also be found here. I hope you enjoy this next episode!

Of course they didn’t believe him. They gave him a very skeptical stare, and then Amanda walked off to her bus. Really, Kevin hadn’t expected them to believe him. But at least they didn’t laugh at him, or ask him if he was joking. They were probably just questioning if he was a lunatic.

As many relationships do, Kevin’s with his friends slowly got over the bump that had been that eventful Friday night and its subsequent divisions. Of course, Kevin could still hear the smallest ring of jealousy whenever Amanda talked to him, but at least she was talking to him. Plus, he had other things to worry about.

There were four other werewolves in the school. The third had joined Brandon and Riley, reveling in the power, while the fourth wondered what kind of vigilante work he could do, and if he could find a way to control his blood lust as a beast. Kevin himself was skeptical of all these ideas, as the most control he figured he would be able to exert would be where he was unleashed on the world.

As the days went by, he became more and more worried about the full moon. He dreaded it. Cursed it. He imagined the others glancing at him, judging him based on his condition. Additionally, he spent a lot of time on the internet, researching lunar cycles and werewolves. His bedroom calendar had every full moon marked. His desk was filled with books on werewolf legends he had picked up at the library.

Somehow, he knew if his scar healed, he would know that he was cured. He went back to the doctor’s, who were even more perplexed than him as to the reason it still looked nearly fresh.

As the next full moon drew near, Kevin knew that he needed help. Not necessarily some old priest who could explain the existence of werewolves, but someone he could confide in, someone who could help him get around it. The most natural people would be Amanda and Stephen, but he needed to convince them first. If only there were a way to convince them, and remove himself from society at the same time…

The countryside zoomed past them in a blur, the sun setting ahead of them. Kevin sat at the wheel, with Amanda beside him, smiling nervously, playing with the silver bracelet on her wrist.

“So where are we going?” she asked him.

“Argenteus Hill. Somewhere…secluded. And then I brought some blankets so we could watch the stars. It’s going to be a full moon, tonight, you know.”

“How late are you planning on staying? It is a school night.”

“I know. You won’t be out too late.” At least, if everything went according to plan.

Fortunately, they were in time for the sunset. Leaving his parents’ silver car at the bottom of the hill, he took Amanda up to the top, sitting down on the blankets and looking out into the west. Looking behind him, he saw the moon was already floating pale in the sky, meaning that as soon as the last drops of sunlight vanished, he would be at Luna’s mercy.

In the meantime, he put his arm around Amanda, and talked with her, flirting unabashedly. He would have almost forgotten that he was about to turn into a monster, had the fading sunlight not been there to remind him. From red, to white, to black, the corners of the horizon slowly vanished, and stars appeared in their places, a carpet of silver glitter. This was about when the first wrack of pain hit him.

“What is it?” Amanda asked, surprised, as Kevin’s body contorted around his shoulder.

“Go!” he managed, the pain intensifying by the second.

“What’s wrong?”

“You know how I told you and Stephen I was a werewolf? Well, it’s true. So please leave, before I end up killing you!”

“I’m not going anywhere!”

“Yes you are! Here are the keys. Get in the car and drive away. And don’t come looking for me, at least, not until tomorrow morning.”

“But, what?”

Kevin screamed, and just barely registered Amanda also screaming.

“What’s happening to your shoulder?” she cried.

“I’m turning into a wolf, Amanda. Now go!”

Only now she listened, hurrying down the hill. She only looked back before she got in the car, and saw Kevin’s fully wolf body collapse to the ground.

It was a strange dream that followed, stranger yet, because Kevin felt he had gone through it before. Well, at least it had felt the same, but he didn’t recognize the place he found himself in. He made his way down the hill. A car was just leaving the area, and he decided not to pursue, since it was already so far gone. Instead, he walked into the nearby forest, walking carefully over the leaves and debris littering the ground.

Birds called from the distance. It was annoying, being unable to catch them, much less find them. Instead, he turned his energies toward prey on his level. In a clearing, he spotted a trio of deer, bathing in the silver moonlight. He walked carefully toward them. By the time they had discovered his presence, it was already too late. He sank his claws and teeth into one, bringing it down, feasting on it.

That other dream had had better food, he decided. But he didn’t know if any of it inhabited this wood. And it was such an easy prey, too! At least these deer could run – that was a good challenge. He just wished that the good challenge came with a good reward. A pity.

He continued to roam the forest for hours. Despite his initial success against the deer, he soon found that it had been due to luck, rather than skill. Most of the deer ran before they even saw him. But by the end of the night, he thought he had figured it out. Naturally they could smell him on the wind.

However, just as he attempted to apply this new-found knowledge, a shudder and a pain ran through his body, and the dream was over.

Kevin awoke to find himself in a forest clearing. He sighed, angry at his curse and what it wasbringing him to. As he tried to remember the way back to the hill, a shudder ran through his body as he was forced to go through the wolf memories of the night before. Especially his desire for human flesh, over venison. That was terrifying.

After a couple of hours of hiking slowly through the woods, he finally came upon the hill. The sun was still young in the west while he ascended it, discovering his things at the top. His clothes were in tatters, the blankets were shredded rather badly. Fortunately, his phone was still intact. He picked it up and called Amanda, sitting down and covering himself a little with the ruined clothes.

“Hey,” he said when she picked up.

“Ohmigosh, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Mostly. I guess I’m glad you followed my advice last night.”

“Are you still, well, you know…”

“No. I’m regular old me. Could you pick me up?”

There was a pause. “How often does this happen?”

“Every full moon.”

“I see. How many others are there?”

“Four or five. Why do you ask?”

“The wolf attacks are all over the news again. Says several people were killed. Including Bob Newman.”

“Bob Newman? The mean jock that always picks on people?”

“Yeah. A couple other students as well.”

“I’m not surprised. Some of them were considering doing this kind of thing.”

“Can you control who you kill?”

“Not really. But, if I were positioned close to someone, I would probably kill that person.”

“Like me…” Amanda’s voice trailed off. When it returned, it was much harsher, and she began with a word that Kevin had never heard out of her mouth. “Why in the world did you bring me with you?”

“I wanted you to know what’s happened to me. Are you going to pick me up?”

There was a very long pause. He could tell that Amanda was weighing her options. In reality, it was a very complex question. By acquiescing, she was telling him that she was going to ignore his condition, and that she was going to actively try to help him. Additionally, if she denied him, it would probably mean the end of their relationship. He waited with baited breath, until Amanda said a single word.


Part 4 here.


2 thoughts on “Coping – Part 3 of 7

  1. Rob says:

    If I were Amanda, I would be very, very angry with Kevin. He put her into a very dangerous situation, knowing full well what might happen. Was the fact of the car being silver pertinent?

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