The Battle – Part 5 of 7

Welcome! This is the fifth part to my Werewolf Septology. If you missed the last installment, you can see it here. If you haven’t read any of it, I suggest you start here at the beginning. I hope you enjoy this!

The first order of business was to figure out how to fight Brandon and Riley. Kevin really didn’t want to kill them, a possibility which had entered his mind when he began thinking about putting an end to the carnage, but he was having difficulty with the alternatives. Most of the methods he considered involved death – if not of the lupine axis, then perhaps of their friends or family, to help them understand why it would be wrong to go around killing other people. It would take a miracle to somehow change their perspective on their condition. Kevin had several reasons for his own rejection of his curse, but history has shown that it takes more than reason to effect a conversion.

Nevertheless, he didn’t give up trying to find a solution. He had Amanda and Stephen helping out every step of the way, a boon he appreciated beyond words.

Brandon, Riley, and Tom, their third member, considered his stance on their conditions to be that of a wayward soul that had yet to achieve enlightenment. Why would they want to stop what they were doing when they were having so much fun? They weren’t even interested in the possibility of a cure, a thread that was one of the few reasons Kevin hadn’t fled into hermeticisim yet.

The vigilante, Kuro Okami, proved much more receptive to Kevin’s message. Kevin suspected the reason had to do with whatever had happened at the last full moon, which the vigilante would not discuss. Kuro, though, didn’t want to talk about a cure either, but rather how to take down those malevolent werewolves who had abused their “gift”. Unfortunately, he didn’t bring anything new to the table toward dealing with the other three.

“Look,” Kevin suggested to Amanda one day during lunch. “What if we invite them to party at the full moon in some abandoned shack, Kuro and I could fight them while you and Stephen evacuate everyone else.”

“No! Absolutely not!” she replied vehemently. “I’m not going to be anywhere close to you, or let you be anywhere close to anyone else, after you transform. You said you can’t control yourself then!”

“True, but that’s the best I can think of.”

“You know, you could drive out to the country with them for the full moon,” Stephen suggested.

“I’m rather sure they would see what we were trying to do if we did that,” said Kuro. “I think a party, or even just asking for a meeting on that night would be the only way for us to trap them.”

“But why meet with them during the full moon at all? Couldn’t you confront them on a normal night, when you both have control of yourselves?”

“Because,” replied Kevin. “If we don’t sway them in time, with any luck we’ll end up fighting it out as wolves, stopping them from killing anyone.”

“Additionally,” added Kuro. “This is an ideological battle. Violence is usually the only way to force one’s ideas on another. No one can argue someone to a different position.”

“Still, we have to try.”

“Well, certainly. Otherwise our use of violence is unfounded.”

“Yeah,” said Stephen. “I’m feeling this. Confronting them during the full moon would probably stop unnecessary deaths. But honestly, it still needs to be a last resort, and you two need something else to do in the meantime.”

However, as the days passed and the moon waned, they couldn’t think of something else to do. They still talked to the other trio, but they couldn’t get anywhere, especially when the moon began waxing again – then all the trio could talk about was how much they were anticipating the coming full moon. It didn’t help that Amanda was always asking Kevin if he had figured out how to deal with them.

“No, we haven’t,” he replied for the twelfth time, about a week before the full moon. “And it doesn’t look like we’re going to. We’re going to confront them. We’re setting up a meeting place.”


“An old abandoned factory downtown. But please, don’t think of following us there.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it! It’s your skin I’m worried about!”

Kuro made most of the arrangements. The five of them arrived, the sun low in the sky, the factory black in its long shadow. One by one, they entered, coming into a circle near a window, from where they could see the fading sunlight. It was largely the same as the last time Kevin had been here, though he thought it smelled rather musty.

“So what are we going to do tonight?” asked Riley.

“Try to take over the world!” Brandon laughed.

Kuro glared at him. “We’re here to talk.”

“All we want,” added Kevin. “Is that everyone stay in here for the duration of the night.”

Riley guffawed. “Yeah, like that’s gonna happen. You realize what we had to postpone to attend your little meeting here?”

“Yes, we do,” replied Kuro. “And that brings us to the point. We want you to end it.”

“End what?” said Brandon. “Being wolves? Killing people? It’s gonna happen whether we like it or not, we might as well make sure we profit from it.”

“But is the profit worth it? Can you even call it profit?”

“We’re targeting people who deserve to die. Idiots and jocks. Isn’t it to everyone’s benefit to kill those people off?”

“Not to the people you killed,” Kevin said. “Or any of the other innocent people who died last month, or will be roaming around this month. What about their families?”

“Come, Tom,” said Kuro, directing his speech at the silent fifth member. “What do you think about all this?”

“Well, you’re all raising some excellent points,” he replied quietly. “But I don’t really know about any of it…”

“Oh, shut up!” snapped Riley. “If you intend to fight us, Kuro, you know you’re going to have to fight us. That’s what werewolves do when they meet each other.”

“Oh, I know. You won’t be moving from this room.” He smiled. “You see, I’ve been pissing in here for the last few days. It’s my territory. And as soon as I transform, I won’t stand for any trespassers. I will crush you all in my iron fist.”

Kevin looked at him in shock. This was taking things to a new extreme. He had never thought of doing something like that. But would it work? And would it mean he would try to fight Kevin if it came down to it? They were about to find out.
Outside, the last vestiges of light had vanished. Now they were in the domain of the moon. Immediately, Kevin felt his scar burst into pain and saw the others reacting as their own began hurting. They fell to the ground, writhing, pain overtaking all their senses. In moments, they had become wolves.

The first thing that came to Kevin’s mind was that odor. It was foreign. Enemy. Someone had marked this as their own, some villain. Around him, four other wolves rose to their feet. Kevin at once identified which one had claimed ownership to this place and was about to leap, before he was superseded by the other three.

Now, he might not have minded that they were after the same wolf he was after. However, he wanted to take down this wolf personally. He growled, and pounced on the smallest of the wolves. It yelped as he slashed its back with his claws, and screamed when he bit the back of its neck. It managed to get out of his grip, and turned on him, bristling fiercely.

He leapt at it, fighting it. They slashed with steel claws and bit with jaws of iron, throwing each other into the ferric machinery around them. But Kevin was the larger and the stronger, and he soon chased the other out of the factory, sending it yipping into the distance.

Now he turned back inside. The other three were engaged in hot contention, the larger two working together against the smaller one, the one who had made claim to the area. Kevin charged into the fight again, selecting one of the larger two as his first target.

This one was much stronger than the coward wolf. Kevin found himself under this wolf’s jaws even more than it was under his, and blood began to cover the ground, though neither was willing to give up or surrender. The fight lasted hours, only ending when, at last, completely exhausted, Kevin ran outside. He collapsed on the concrete outside, but the other wolf didn’t pursue; it was too exhausted to follow him.

When Kevin awoke, he immediately hurried inside the factory. But when he looked in, it made him want to throw up. Brandon and Riley had gone some time before, leaving bloody footprints behind them. They looked like they had both been limping. But that wasn’t what had utterly disgusted Kevin.

He sat in the doorway of the factory, head down, waiting for the sound of tires on gravel to announce Amanda’s arrival. He had to hope she would come, though, since the other werewolves had stolen his phone. It was a dark day, the sky black with coming rain. But he took no notice of them.

He heard that sound he had been waiting for, and then the slam of the car door, followed by hurried feet. Amanda embraced him, barraging him with questions.

“What happened? Are you okay? You look awful! Did it go according to plan? Where’s Kuro?”

“He’s dead,” Kevin said grimly. “Though we did what we set out to do. I suppose that’s something.”

Amanda went inside, but came out quickly when she saw the corpse lying within.

“That’s awful.”

“I know.”

“What are you going to do?”

“What can I do? Keep fighting.”

There was a sudden ringing. Amanda pulled out her phone, confused.

“Who is this?”

“That boy next to you, do you know what he is?” asked the voice.

“Who is this?”

“Someone who wants to help.”

Part 6 here.


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