Conclusion – Part 7 of 7

Finally, this story comes to a finish. I hope you have enjoyed it thus far, and enjoy this part. If you haven’t read the rest of it, you could begin here, with part one. So, without further ado, I present the conclusion to the werewolf septology.

By the time Kevin arrived, the party was already well under way. He was late because he had been at Jager’s house, finishing the concoction that might prove a cure. He had been inestimably relieved when Darla tested it and, minutes after ingestion, her scar began healing.

But Kevin couldn’t take the mixture yet, not until Brandon and Riley’s gang were dealt with. He checked the rooms, making sure that they were all present. They were, all seven of them. Now he just needed to make sure they didn’t leave.

He walked into the kitchen, where Amanda was busy preparing punch by a sink, over which a window let in the slow-fading sunlight, which had turned the sky red.

“How’s the party going?” he asked.

“Finally decided to show up?” she replied. “Things are fine, for now. This plan of yours had better work out.”

“It will. I’m sure.”

He carried the punch bowl out of the kitchen, into the main room. It was quickly swarmed by a group of thirsty party-goers, including Brandon.

“Well, if it isn’t Kevin,” the werewolf growled.

“Hello, Brandon.”

“I was wondering when you’d show up. I hope you know I’m killing you tonight.”

“We’ll see about that.”

Brandon turned away from him, gazing out to the center of the room.

“How many of them know?” he asked. “Are you really willing to sacrifice them to kill us?”


“Then why are they here?”

“I can’t tell you that, yet. Have you seen the sun lately?”

“I keep checking it. You’re not the only one here I’d like to see dead.”

Riley appeared behind Brandon’s shoulder, leaning in close.

“The sun just hit the horizon. Won’t be much longer.”

“Why don’t you assemble the other werewolves, then?” Kevin suggested. “I’d like to impart some…last words, as it were.”

“Fair enough.” Riley disappeared back into the crowd of dancers. In a few moments, everyone else had assembled, encircling Brandon and Kevin, who stared at each other with fierce eyes.

“By tomorrow afternoon, none of us will be werewolves,” Kevin began. “We found a cure. However, we need your blood in order to cure any of you. And I will be extracting that blood, whether you like it or not.”

“How so? How are you going to take on all of us? And what are you going to do about everyone else here?”

“They’ll be gone. They, and I, were just the bait. You won’t be killing anyone tonight. And I don’t need to take on you all – I didn’t make the same mistake Kuro did. I’ll just take on whoever comes at me. I’m sure you’ll all find someone else among us to fight.”

“You won’t get away with this,” growled Brandon. “I’m going to – argh!”

The sensation was very nearly simultaneous for all the werewolves, who immediately contorted around their scars, crying out in pain.

“Amanda! It’s starting!” Kevin managed to shout. “Get them out of here!”

Vaguely, he was aware of the guests coming around them, before being ushered out by a frantic Amanda and Stephen, the former of whom gave one, final look back before leaving the building. And then Kevin descended into the darkness.


The fight started almost as soon as they all awoke. Kevin stood up, looking down at the others furiously. Who did they think they were? But his main focus was on the wolf standing opposite him. of all the wolves, this one was the largest, and also the most antagonistic. Kevin sensed a great amount of that antagonism was directed toward himself. Well, he wasn’t going to have any of that.

He pounced. With howls of fury, their claws and fangs descended on the other’s fur, slashing and mauling every inch they could reach. Around them, the other wolves let out howls and roars as they engaged each other in furious combat.

It seemed Kevin and this other wolf were evenly matched. They might have gone on all night, had they not inflicted so much damage on each other, and had there not been so many others around them. As they weakened, the other wolves began to focus on them. Kevin had pushed back his foe and stood on his hind legs, preparing his claws for the final strike. But then several wolves entered their confrontation, some pouncing on the enemy, the others coming up around Kevin, their claws piercing his flesh as they crashed into him, burying him beneath them. He howled angrily, before descending back into the battle, into a confusion of blood and teeth and claws and fur.


Kevin blinked up into the golden sunlight, coughing and heaving his chest. It felt like he was turning into a wolf again, except that, instead of pain coming out of his scarred shoulder, it was coming from all over his body. His bare back was lying in something wet and, raising his arm, he realized it was blood. Furthermore, there were huge chunks of skin missing from his arm, and some muscle missing as well. Judging by the stickiness emanating from those places on his body that hurt the most, some of the blood was probably his.

His chest heaved again. He was having difficulty breathing. He must have been damaged worse than he had thought during the night. He was aware that it was quickly becoming an effort to breath and to stay conscious. A numbness was beginning to spread over his body.

Somewhere in the distance, he heard feet splashing. Someone must be coming toward him. The splashing quickened, and Amanda appeared over him, a look of utter shock on her face. She fell down, embracing him desperately.

“Kevin! Are you alright? Speak to me!”

“I’m fine,” he croaked. “I think I’m dying.”

“Don’t you dare! I won’t let you!”

Stephen appeared over Amanda’s shoulder, the same look of horror on his face.

“You guys handing out the cure?” Kevin asked.

Stephen nodded. Off to the side, there were other feet splashing in the blood. Probably Jager and Darla, collecting blood and finishing the individualized concoctions. Around him, some of the other werewolves were beginning to stir.

“Good.” He sighed, resting his head gingerly on the ground, looking up at Amanda. Tears had formed in her eyes, splashing down on his body, though he hardly felt it. The pain had consumed him so much that it was only a matter of time before he slipped away. He didn’t even know how he was still alive.

“Don’t die on me!” Amanda cried.

“I don’t think I have a choice.”

She rested her head on his chest.

“What do you want me to tell your folks?” asked Stephen, kneeling beside Kevin.

“Whatever you want. Just, tell them some of the truth. I finished off the wolves.”

Kevin coughed again, the pain beginning to blind his senses. Darkness was crawling around the edges of his vision.

“Amanda,” he whispered to her. “Just remember, I love you.”

And then he closed his eyes, the pain consuming him entirely so that he knew nothing more. Amanda cradled his body in her arms, sobbing, while the golden sun shone down on the ruby pool of blood.


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