Year One — a reflection on blogging


One year. Eighty-one blog posts. That’s like, more than one and a half blog posts a week. And with each blog post averaging a thousand words or so…

It’s been an interesting year. And a busy one. Between starting college and all the activities in my life, I’ve been learning a lot.

I’ve learned about priorities. It’s almost a blessing no one can see the exact times when my stories were posted, since they kept me up late about as often as my homework. Most were, needless to say, quite last minute.

I’ve learned about creativity. A creative mind is a full mind, a satiated mind – one gorged on literature and sleep. There was a long stretch during the middle of this year when I honestly ran out of ideas of things to write. I’m pretty sure if anyone cares to review my posts, they could probably find where that started happening. It was part of the reason I stopped posting twice a week, opting for once every five days.

I’ve learned about writing. It’s been fascinating to see how fast a page of writing can fill out. How easy, or difficult, it can be to finish a word quota. And to see just how many of my posts actually went longer than I intended them to go.

So that’s been this year.

I started this blog with two series: one as a sort of spin-off or introduction to a book I’ve been writing, the other my Twilight review.

The book’s third draft has been completed, and is due for a major overhaul in the planning stages for draft four. I’ve started some of the planning, but I have a couple other projects (including a different novel) to finish before I continue.

Although I feel the Twilight craze has finally died down after the release of the last film, I will continue to review the rest of the series. The other books, though, will only have one post each, as opposed to Twilight’s six.

After my current series (“Eight”), I’ll begin posting once a week. This series has about five more parts, so expect me to return to random shorts about mid-July.

Hopefully, this will be a year even better than this last one.

I’d like to thank you all for your support and for following my blog!


2 thoughts on “Year One — a reflection on blogging

  1. rookswriter says:

    It’s been a pleasure. I look forward to the coming year!

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