Sorry for the large gap in posts; I’ve been quite busy these last couple weeks, what with midterms. But now those are over. Hope you enjoy this piece!

I first thought it was merely a mirage, a blur in the line between sky and sea. But as I peered closer, and it came closer, it seemed more like the sea had thrown off the rules of gravity, and now made to claim the sky as its own.

But even as it rose up against the heavens, it also rushed headlong toward me like Poseidon’s trident hurled from afar, hurtling toward its target. I hurried away as quickly as I could with the others near me, leaving the sand for rock and higher ground where perhaps even this rebellion of the seas might not reach me.

It came onward, ever larger in my perception, until it towered over me like a mountain spewing forth ashen clouds, ready to give the same choking death to those it touched. The tall horses of Poseidon rode onward in triumph, crushing the innumerable footsoldiers of sand beneath their hooves, covering the shore in silver blood.

It swept past the trees and the grass, tearing them up like confetti before tossing them to the mercy of the winds, swallowing them whole, the stumps of trees rearing out like some odd Adam’s apple.

Then the crest fell, losing its momentum over the shore before at last breaking on the hill, the white fingers grasping at my sandals before retracting its hands into itself. The water turned brown with its newly consumed food, its swollen belly covering its newly conquered ground as it digested the trees and shrubs, sand and dirt.

Slowly, the whole thing receded. The dirt and debris dispersed, carried away by arteries to the heart of the sea, while the glassy surface forgot that there had ever been destruction here. The water retreated from the shore, leaving only the broken branches, misplaced stones, and wrecked ruins in the dirty sands, the corpses of a battlefield between sea and sky.


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