Fabrication: The Metamorpher


So let’s continue in our exploration of Fabrication.

Last week I laid out a description of what I’ll now refer to as the Metamorpher – a machine capable of shapeshifting a person. After some thought and feedback, here are the developments I’ve made in shaping the Fabrication system.

Fabrication as a Construction Magic

Fabrication is focused solely on destruction and reconstruction (at least for now – perhaps I’ll be able to expand the application, but I feel I’ve just given it plenty of room to grow).

However, this doesn’t just mean manipulation of animate matter, but also inanimate matter. In fact, the primary application would be on inanimate matter, given that inanimate matter would be simpler to manipulate and reconstruct.

The idea is that the essences need not be human essences, but “essences” of any kind of material. To build, say, a marble pillar, the essence required is marble (of course, you’d also need marble in the output, probably).

The Mold

While many magics generally function based on the intent of the caster, Fabrication is an external system, and thus I can’t justify that sort of thing. Essentially, Fabrication needs a guide separate of the caster to form whatever its constructing. (I think I can handwave this in regards to animate matter – including wood. That’ll make things interesting).

A mold functions as that guide. The material is placed above the mold, where it is liquefied as part of the Fabrication process. From there it flows down into the mold and solidifies. Then a grate and drain empties any excess liquid.

The Machine Itself

I haven’t yet figured out quite what I want in regards to the actual material of the Metamorpher. One idea I’ve had is a machine made out of both metal and animate essence. In place of wires full of electricity, wires and neurons and veins intertwined reaching from a power core containing a beating heart. Or, possibly, these body parts must first be converted in a kind of crystal or glass or stone. Of course, this brings up further questions: how does one figure out to make this kind of hybrid of the animate and inanimate? What kind of implications does it have for the machine – could one such machine become sentient?

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