Fabrication: Natural Origins


The Metamorpher, Part One

The Metamorpher, Part Two

So we’ve delved into some of the more complex applications of Corporofabrication, I want to develop some more basic applications – as well as natural origins, from which those living in that world might be inspired to pursue this magic system.

In this regard, I have a helpful real-world item on which to build the system from: grass.

Grass integrates silica into its structure – which is one reason it’s so hard to digest: you have to break down all the sand attached to the living material before you can actually get to the living material.

In a similar way, Fabrication would give rise to grasses and trees that integrate stone or metal (or other such materials). From a seed enclosing a stone scale – the essence – a tree grows conically, branches creeping out of the top bursting leaves to swallow sunlight and long roots spread around a cocoon beak that chomps through the stone to pass upward into copies of the original essence arranged around the main trunk.

I’m less sure how to integrate fauna into this template. Certainly, fungi and animals would also take on similar forms – I can imagine turtles and ankylosaurs with stone plates instead of bone shells – though this might be a place to let the imagination run wild (as it were).

Let me know what you think! Please like, comment, share, subscribe, print out and show to your friends, paint it on the side of a building, et cetera.


6 thoughts on “Fabrication: Natural Origins

  1. StubbornVirus says:

    Worms that integrate glass to collect light and photosyntehesize. Viruses and Bacteria with metallic cell walls. Creatures that are essentially the Japanese Nurikabe, having devoured and integrated ruins and old buildings… It’s a very interesting idea.

  2. Knowing how you like puns, you might take a page from Piers Anthony’s book and play on the names of existing plants and animals, e.g. silver maples that contain silver ore, leatherback turtles whose backs are somehow cowhide, cattails that have the same feline essence as cats

  3. Gonzalez says:

    Looks like I get to be the MacPhee here. Generally there are very specific reasons why different structures use different elements. For example, life is carbon-based because of the bonding properties of carbon; if you swapped that out for something else, it would just fall apart. For that reason, I’m having a hard time imagining how you’d get rock trees to work.

    • Honestly, I’m not sure at how low of a level this would function. Grass seems to integrate silica on a tissue level rather than on a molecular level, so I’d consider something similar in this case. Additionally, the stone scales would be supported by a more organic interior — or perhaps a biocrystal interior.

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