Fabrication: A Pressure Machine





Today we’ll be discussing an expansion of the Corporofabrication system. One of the problems I’ve been dealing with is the manipulation of pressure. It occurred to me that I could extend the Fabrication input to not only encode essence but also density. I’m not entirely sure what would be required for the device or the input itself for it to distinguish between whether to change the target’s essence or the target’s density.

One plant has in its core, rather than a stone scale as its input, a pouch of air. The output is then the entire region of air around this central stalk. The cocoon for shaping the output to the essence of the input isn’t like the cocoon of the Metamorpher, shaped around the target. Instead, this plant grows its roots in a wide circle around it, a radius of a mile or more, where these tendrils emerge in a series of flowers. However, unlike standard flowers, these flowers act as radio dishes, transforming all the air in the circle to match the pressure of the core air pouch.

The primary function of this ability of the plant would be to generate rain or fog or dew in the vicinity of the central stalk. This central stalk would then be in the form of a large shrub with broad leaves designed to catch sunlight and water.

Potentially, this plant might also contain a natural fabricator – such as the one described last week – beneath each subordinate flower. Since the loss of any one dish flower would impact the effectiveness of this plant’s strategy, it would be necessary to armor the flowers (and probably the central shrub as well) against consuming animals and rough weather.

This kind of function would actually round off all the plot-required powers I need, more or less. Three areas I’d like to delve into in later posts are more specifics and specializations for this pressure machine, other functions and forms Corporofabrication might be able to modify (Gravity? Temperature? Electromagnetism?), and integration of Corporofabrication with human bodies.

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