Fabrication: Biocrystal


The Metamorpher



Origins, PT 2

So we’ve been talking a lot about what one could do with Corporofabrication. I’d like to explore how one does Corporofabrication.


With that we return to origins. I had mentioned grass as a stepping point, with plants that integrate stone as their bark, now we go to integration on a more cellular level. Basically, living crystal. Crystal able to integrate with any kind of living matter. In tangitivity, this biocrystal has the consistency of bone, though the hardness of crystal. It is this crystal that allows access to Corporofabrication.

As such, those plants which I have blogged about previously are made significantly of this biocrystal. Perhaps not all of them, but at least the parts required to perform the Fabrication processes. But these powers aren’t only restricted to those born with biocrystal, indeed the biocrystal can be harvested and integrated by those who weren’t born or created with biocrystal.


Thus, humans (and other sapient and sentient creatures) are able to integrate this biocrystal into their own body. Usually, not only does this take the consistency of bone, but it also takes the place of bone (among other things).

I’m yet unsure how integration may occur. Here are some possible means:
1. Surgical implantation. The biocrystal must be literally sewn into the body.
2. Ingestion. The biocrystal is ingested as a kind of seed that slowly takes over the body.
3. Metamorphosis. In order to gain biocrystal, biocrystal must be joined with a person’s essence in the input of a Metamorpher.


I would like that this biocrystal appears in different colors that determine the crystal’s function. However, I so far only have two functions (metamorphosis and pressure manipulation) and up to eight colors: black, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and white.

And, of course, it’s possible to mix and match these colors in cords.

Generally, biocrystal does not only remain inside a body: it also grows outside the body. On humans, this biocrystal emerges along the spine, behind the ears, over the ribs, along the arms and legs, and in the eyes. So then the biocrystals changes the eye color of a human to whatever color the biocrystal is.

Thoughts? Please comment, tell me what you think, disagree, bring up issues or concerns, etc.


2 thoughts on “Fabrication: Biocrystal

  1. Gonzalez says:

    My main concern is that bone cells are responsible for the production of red and white blood cells, so replacing all your bones would be a death sentence. But I like the idea that biocrystal is the thing that enables this; I think phlebotinum is the best way to go for pseudo-scientific magic systems.

    • Something like that. But perhaps while the majority of the bone changes, the bone marrow doesn’t? But given that the biocrystal is integrating with the body, you’d end up with like super blood cells afterward.

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