Fabrication: Corporal Functions


The Metamorpher, Part 2

Origins, Part 2


Ultimately, I decided to go with the Corporal Functions supersystem. (Surely no one, especially anyone who read the title, saw that coming.) On the one hand, eleven subsystems are far more manageable than the twenty or more that the Sensation supersystem would have required; on the other hand, I feel it’s far more universal than the Light supersystem would have allowed – particularly in a universe where I intend on having tetrochromatic creatures running around.

I based my list of corporal functions off of this list, which has eleven total functions:

  1. The Nervous System
  2. The Digestive System
  3. The Circulatory System
  4. The Respiratory System
  5. The Muscular/Skeletal System
  6. The Integumentary System
  7. The Urinary System
  8. The Reproductive System
  9. The Endocrine System
  10. The Immune System
  11. The Vestibulary System

This is a wordy list, so I’ll be referring to these by their function, rather than by the name of the system as a whole. Alternatively, I could refer to them by the name of the magic subsystem, but I have yet to design individual systems for each function, and I probably need to find less syllable-intensive names than “corporofabrication,” “aurofabrication,” and “aquafabrication.” But I digress.

I have split these eleven functions into three classes, based on general similarities between them.

1. Digestion
2. Respiration
3. Urination
4. Reproduction

1. Muscle/Skeleton
2. Integument
3. Immunity
4. Vestibule

1. Nerves
2. Circulation
3. Endocrines

I have yet to determine how these classes correspond to functions of the magic. So far I’ve only really thought out the Transformation class. Here each individual system corresponds to a type of matter and a quality of a substance.

Digestion corresponds to transformation of solid matter and temperature. This is the corporofabrication system, more or less.

Urination corresponds to transformation of liquid matter and friction (perhaps – we’ll see about the friction aspect). I’ve taken to calling this system aquafabrication, but, again, I’ll be needing simpler names.

Respiration corresponds to transformation of gaseous matter and pressure. I think I might either have this govern all matter that’s more energized than liquid (that is, gas, plasma, states of matter above that), but the alternative is that matter that hot just can’t be acted on using magic, which, upon reflection, I’m okay with. I’ve been calling this aurofabrication.

Reproduction is the odd one out of the bunch. I’ve had it correspond to the transformation of the soul. Given the highly unscientific nature of that sort of thing, I’m not sure how that would actually work out. But, on the other hand, I intend this to be the hardest, most complex, difficult system out of all eleven (baring maybe nerves, maybe), so I’m okay with not being sure just yet how it would work. Furthermore, this system would allow the manipulation of life: giving life, giving intelligence, creating life, etc. I’ve had the idea of some kind of sapient biocrystal supercomputer, and this would be the system that would allow its creation.

But enough about reproduction, or animofabrication. Next week I’d like to go into the other seven systems I haven’t covered here.

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