Fabrication: Subsystem Names


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Corporal Functions

I’ve been trying to come up with names more manageable than “corporofabricaion” and “animofabrication.” Obviously the subsystems need far more simpler names than these. One particular option stood out to me, as, since I had desired to associate each subsystem with a particular color and to grant the biocrystal assigned to the subsystem that color, it would seem fitting to name each subsystem after its associated color.

But what colors to use, and which ones to assign to which functions? Certainly I could assign each function a color associated with that function – for example, Circulation with red and Urination with yellow – but eventually you run into functions whose colors overlap: indeed, the great majority of parts of the body are either red, orange, gray, or white. The method I’ve preferred is to line of a hierarchy of the corporal functions along the light spectrum.

However, this yields its own problems. I’ve already discussed using light as problematic, due to the inclusion of tetrachromatic beings, so I ought to design the colors with that in mind, with some, perhaps, reaching into the ultraviolet or infrared zones.

On the other hand, color isn’t light, so perhaps assigning a spot on the light spectrum is a bad idea.

Alternatively, and a little more complexly, I could assign each function, and thus each type of biocrystal, a particular mineral or element; it appears that generally crystals gain their color from the minerals in them, so it would make sense to expand that to the biocrystal.

In working this out, I imagine I’m going to have to create a table or something of all the associations of each subsystem; but I imagine as well that those who lived in such a world where Fabrication existed would do the same, perhaps even assigning particular systems virtues or personality characteristics (I’m of course also thinking of Stormlight Archive, which also has crystal-based systems, though here certainly the characteristics associated with each subsystem would be far more subjective than in Sanderson’s epic fantasy).

Thoughts on which sort of approach you prefer? Please comment or message me. I’ll of course be thinking about these things over the next week, but I do put these up on the internet so that I can get some thoughts outside my own head.


2 thoughts on “Fabrication: Subsystem Names

  1. “color isn’t light” — sure, in the same way that musical notes aren’t vibrations: the difference may exist, but there are very few situations where it matters. So, yeah, tetrachromatic life forms would experience color differently than humans, but that doesn’t stop the humans from using typical human color names for the colors they see. It’s especially convenient that, last I heard, at least, the tetrachromatic creatures have their own language with which to express their unique experience of color.

    In my opinion, it’s a good idea to come up with the shorter names and associations for them sooner rather than later, if only so that your blog can use fewer seven-syllable words. Emphasizing biodiversity could be as simple as having, say, two systems use the “same color” of orange, except that to the nonhumans they’re not the same color at all.

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