Fabrication: Supportive Subsystems Update


Supportive Systems

I’ve been putting some work this past week into trying to figure out the Supportive Systems, and just what kinds of applications they might have.

Musculo-skeletal System

Last time I had discussed two functions for this system: movement and enhancement. Given that I’ve granted the Transformative Subsystems two domains, one pertaining to matter and one pertaining to force, there’s really no reason I can’t do the same here. Here, movement is the primary function, with enhancement as the secondary.

As a side note for future development, I’m not quite sure how to distinguish a piece of biocrystal that performs the primary function from a piece of biocrystal that performs the secondary function.

Vestibulary System

This one hasn’t seen much development, in that I’ve developed it about as much as I’ve wanted. Again, it senses things, though, as much as the other subsystems I’m not sure how to distinguish between devices that sense heat or light or sound or other things. But that’s a problem for another day.

Integumentary System

This system has had the most development. The primary function for this is color, while the secondary function is shape. Or something like that. This would be good for creating biocrystal leather, which could then be turned into clothing, perhaps armor. In conjunction with vestibulary biocrystal, you could possibly make camouflage outfits.

Lymphatic System

I haven’t really delved much into this yet. As I’d anticipated, this has been the hardest of the four to pin down. So I’ll have to get to this one as I go. Perhaps you, my readers, have some thoughts on this?

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2 thoughts on “Fabrication: Supportive Subsystems Update

  1. Would magic done with the shape function of integumenary crystal be structural, or just cosmetic? Like, if I change shape to get extra legs, would those help hold me up, or would they just look cool? Or maybe I would want to use it in conjunction with musculo-skeletal?

    • Mostly just cosmetic. If you wanted extra legs or something, yeah you’d want to use the musculo-skeletal magic system, although integumentary magic wouldn’t allow you to actally change shape, probably. But yeah, cosmetic.

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