Fabrication: Names and Colors



The Subsystems

As many of my readers have probably noted thus far, I’ve been in the habit of using unwieldly and awkward names for the systems I’ve been working out. Well no longer!

As I’ve finally properly assigned colors to each of the systems, I’m giving each system the name of the corresponding color. I’ve also assigned each system and color a gemstone, which is more for worldbuilding purposes more than anything else. I imagine those who live in the world of Fabrication would assign not only gemstones but also things like qualities, numbers, and other things to each system.

And so, in progression order of light to dark:

Vestibulary is White, with the gemstone Diamond. The vestibulary maigc is Albation.

Musculo-skeletal is Pink, with the gemstone Pearl. The musculo-skeletal magic is Rosetion.

Circulatory is Red, with the gemstone Ruby. The circulatory magic is Rubration.

Digestive is Orange, with the gemstone Garnet. The digestive magic is Aurantition.

Urinary is Yellow, with the gemstone Citrine. The urinary magic is Flavition.

Lymphatic is Lime, with the gemstone Peridot. The lymphatic magic is Pallidation.

Reproductive is Green, with the gemstone Emerald. The reproductive magic is Viridition.

Respiratory is Cyan, with the gemstone Aquamarine. The respiratory magic is Cyanition.

Nervous is Blue, with the gemstone Sapphire. The nervous magic is Cerulition.

Endocrine is Violet, with the gemstone Amethyst. The endocrine magic is Violacetion.

Integument is Black, with the gemstone Jet. The integumentary magic is Melanation.

Thoughts? Please don’t hesitate to like, comment, subscribe, the works. Thanks for reading!


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