Fabrication: More Systems

Alright. Well, although the class that this series was for is finally over, I still have a few things I want to flesh out before I conclude.

On the agenda:

  1. Finalize all the systems.
  2. Applications of the systems.
  3. System interactions.
  4. Specifying subfunctions of individual systems (for example, when Albative biocrystal senses light vs when it senses sound).
  5. Forms of life that integrate Fabrication biocrystal.

So, yeah, we’ve got a while to go before I feel we’re through with this. But there may be some other things that pop up in the meantime.


Of the eleven systems, there are still four that have undefined functions. Two of those, Pallidation and Cerulition, will remain that way just a little longer. Since I was mostly done with the Supportive Systems (that is, Rosetion, Albation, Melanation, and Pallidation),  I thought it a good time to move to the Directive Systems.


This represents the circulation. In that vein I associated it with moving things around, or, if you prefer, kinesis. I have yet to decide exactly what that means and how it causes other objects to move (though at least Conservation of Energy will hold here), but perhaps this could work as a telekinetic magic.

This will put it in contrast with Rosetion, which only moves itself (or, if you prefer, is capable of moving itself).


This represents the endocrine system. Since the endocrine system largely transmits messages throughout the body, affecting mood and other psychosomatic effects, I made this primarily the system of communication. Or rather, creating means of communication.

Violet biocrystal then is able to create light, sound, and other effects that may be used to communicate. Not necessarily, of course, as light can be used through a torch or a flashlight to guide oneself or to message others through Morse code, or it can be used in lasers to bore holes in solid rock.

In this way, it contrasts with Albation, which receives the messages sent out by Violacetion.


This is the only one of the trio I haven’t nailed down yet. I’m not quite sure what to do with it, as it’s associated with the nervous system. As such, it’s supposed to have some kind of imperative task but, on the one hand, something like mind control is undesirable and too divergent from the other magics; and, on the other hand, I’m not really sure how this might function as a command magic.

One option is to have this system as a sort of intermediary between the caster and the biocrystal. On the one hand, this could make it required to be attached to any other piece of biocrystal in order for that biocrystal to interpret commands from others, such as a light switch or a button might; on the other hand, perhaps this could function as a sort of template maker that allows one to specify and manipulate the task another piece of biocrystal is required to do.

Thank you for reading. If you have any thoughts, please comment or message me.

PS Is anyone else having an issue with the name Violacetion? I feel like I should probably change that name.


2 thoughts on “Fabrication: More Systems

  1. “in that vein” of circulation? Yellow card, sir

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