Fabrication: Construction

For this post I’d like to consider creation, sustination, and destruction of Fabricative biocrystal: after all, not only is this crystal, but it is also a life form, and so those considerations concerning life are also applicable to the biocrystal.


Generally, biocrystal can be created by breaking it off from an already existing strand. I think, however, one purpose of the Cerulition magic may be to change the color of a strand of biocrystal, or that there may be a couple means of changing the color.


Biocrystal has two energy outputs: growth and use of its powers. To compliment these, biocrystal also has two energy inputs. The first of these is photosynthesis, which primarily sustains the biocrystal’s powers. The second is the assimilation of sand and/or other minerals, which primarily furthers the biocrystal’s growth.

Biocrystal grows continuously, absorbing light and material around it. If attached to a host, such as a human desiring to exploit its powers, that material it will absorb will include the body of the human. On the one hand, this means that, eventually, any being integrating biocrystal into themselves will eventually convert wholly into biocrystal. In order to conteract this, the person would need to regularly trim the biocrystal to prevent, or at least hold off, it. On the other hand, most of the material the biocrystal takes would be from the blood, and the biocrystal itself generally grows slowly, so this process would take a long time.


Probably the only way to kill biocrystal would be to starve it. Maybe. I’m not entirely sure on this point. There’d probably be a whole host of mutations and diseases the biocrystal would be privy to, and I’ll need to do some research of trees and other plants to see what the primary reason for their expiration is.

Thoughts? Comments? Don’t hesistate! Also, please like, message, whatever. I do appreciate input on this system.


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