Fabrication: Subsystem Applications

So I’d like to go over those subsystems that I have adequately fleshed out and consider some possible applications for each.


The primary purpose of this system is reception and measurement. With that in mind, white biocrystal could be tinkered with to measure all sorts of things, such as light, sound, weight, pressure, taste, heat, time, velocity, current, and more.


The primary use of rose biocrystal is movement, particularly autokinesis — that is, being able to move itself. This biocrystal would be used for things like vehicles or machines that need moving parts. Furthermore, with integration into a body, this biocrystal would allow that body to move and perform at supernatural levels. It’ll probably increase strength and dexterity by a peculiarly specific number, like e or somesuch.


Red biocrystal, then, similarly to Rosetion, would also be used for automation and transportaiton. However, while rose biocrystal would result in things like cars or walkers, red biocrystal would result in machines such as conveyor belts or trains or trams — movement along a track, but with closer integration between object and track. Possibly as well, red biocrystal would be especially conductive, and so be useful for circuitry.


We’ve already covered this system in earlier posts, but I’ll quickly summarize that this would be useful in construction and repair. When used on living beings, it can also be used for shapeshifting, medical purposes, and other forms of body modification. Furthermore, this system allows a relatively easy way to get rid of waste products.

Everything can be recycled. Everything.


Gold biocrystal, similarly to orange biocrystal, would be useful for construction, repair, and waste disposal, though in different ways, as it affects liquids rather than solids. Furthermore, this system would allow water filtration and desalination, as well as, quite likely, water recycling. Basically, water becomes much more useful and clean within gold biocrystal.

Rather than Aurantition, Flavition would probably be the system to go to for blood transfusions. Probably.


Cyan or azure biocrystal would have a number of applications. First, there’s weather manipulation, by modifying the air pressure of an area to attract fronts and generate clouds. Second, this would allow pressurization of spaces, such as submarines and airplanes. Thirdly, this would allow for air filtration.


Blue biocrystal is primarilyl the biocrystal of sentience and automation. That’s certainly not the only purpose this system will have, but it’s certainly a primary one. (Although probably one that will require interaction with Viridition).

Ianthition (formerly Violacetion)

Whereas white biocrystal receives signals, violet biocrystal sends signals. However, while that would include light and sound and pheromones and smells, intensified this would likely also result in things like lasers. Perhaps a weapon, like a gun, could be created out of violet biocrystal.


Black biocrystal is the most artistic of the systems, due to its ability to take on other colors. In this way as well it could be woven into camoflauge gear (probably in conjunction with some white biocrystal, though), as well as carved into multicolored sculptures and art pieces.

Thoughts? How would you exploit these systems? Don’t hesistate to like, comment, or subscribe.


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