Fabrication: Blue and Green

Or, if you prefer, Cerulition and Viridition.


As previously established, this system is based on the nervous system, and so on control and moderation. In that light, the primary purpose of this system is to command all the others.

I imagine this subsystem manifesting in various shapes and patterns that blue biocrystal (cerulite, if you like) takes, so that one shape programs a biocrystal organism to grow rapidly, another shape to not grow at all, a third shape to move or function in a certain way. But the most complex shapes or arrangements would allow sentience, perhaps even sapience.

I’m a little hesitant on locking this subsystem down as I’ve just described, as leaving the coding up to a shape seems very soft and vague. Perhaps a better method might be some kind of variation of lattice structures so as to create a simple code, such as in electronics or genetics.


This, meanwhile, is the system of reproduction. I had described this one as being able to transform “soul,” which is a really vague and unfocused sort of proclamation. After all, regardless of how spiritual or religious you might be, I think you can agree as well as I that transforming soul isn’t a very clear kind of purpose. I had originally intended that this would be one of the more difficult systems to access.

Though that may still be the case. In keeping with the corporal theme of this system, this one copies and recreates other biocrystal organisms. It not only creates the seeds that form these copies, but it is also the system of these copies. Optimally, the shape of the seed of each different organism or device would be different in some way, in shape and size.

In order for viridite to actually copy a device, however, I think it would have to be able to access at least the central cerulite of the device, either by being attached in some way to the cerulite or else through a special reproductive device. Alternatively, for those machines that lack cerulite, a viridite mold could be used in the same way an orange biocrystal (aurantite) mold would be used for solid matter, with the essence then being the biocrystal type that the device being copied requires.

Alright. Thanks for reading! Hopefully I’ll get around to figuring out Pallidition, but, at least until I do, I can work on the history of discovery. Please comment — it’s why I post this stuff here.


2 thoughts on “Fabrication: Blue and Green

  1. This system has certainly come a long way from the early idea of some kind of machine that transforms things and also weather control. It’s cool how everything is close to fitting together.
    The blue and green systems’ ways of interacting with other colors seem to me like they would be very complicated to explain in a satisfyingly technical mechanical way, but that level of explanation probably isn’t necessary anyway.

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