Fabrication: Colorless

Among the eleven types of biocrystal in the Fabrication system, I’d like to add one more: a colorless variety.

Colorless biocrystal is translucent, in color more like glass than gem or stone. It has no special powers, other than those inherent to all biocrystal varieties. However, upon contact with other biocrystal, or through the command of cerulite, it can adopt a color and gain the abilities of the color.

Think of this like a sort of stem cell biocrystal.

Primarily, however, this would be used for structure, as the literal bare bones of a device, with the functional biocrystal build around and through it.

I think we’ll call this variety incolorite as, while it doesn’t feel like a very good name (particularly in comparsion to the other biocrystals), it is in keeping with the fancy Latin or Greek names I’ve been giving the systems.

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