Fabrication: History #3

This edition: aurantite.

I’ve already discussed aurantition applications that might occur naturally. These would be good starting places for sapient species in designing their own aurantite devices.

These devices would be primarily used for construction and manufacturing, particularly using stone. And metal.

I have intentions that aurantition could be used to transform organic matter. This would likely take a long time to figure out how to do, particularly because I imagine anything that would require more than one essence would take quite the inventive leap to reach to (at least at first).

I also imagine experimentation on organic material, especially the flesh of sapient species, would be taboo in many cultures, though that might be mitigated somewhat with experience with the body modifications of rosete or albate.

This is short, but I also wrote it super late at night. Hopefully I can edit it later. But feel free to make comments. Thanks for reading!


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