Fabrication: Viridite Addendum

So I’ve been having some issues regarding distinctions between viridite and the other three fabricative biocrystals, given that their roles seem to overlap so much. I think I’ve found a solution to that.

That is, viridite copies the structures or patterns of an object, whereas aurantite, flavite, and cyanite copy the material. So aurantite can transform, for example, a granite block into marble; whereas viridite would transform a granite block into a specific shape. Among other things.

Under the umbrella of “structure” I would also categorize shape, temperature, state of matter, pressure, viscosity, and also things like crystal structure and even molecular structure (given some help from some cerulite).

So viridite would probably be the main biocrystal to use for creating a metamorphosis device; rather fitting, given that viridite parallels with the reproductive system; so by shapeshifting, one is almost literally reborn as a new person.


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